Online Lessons

1:1 Lessons

Individual lessons that focus on improving your English fluency.

A Focus On What You Need

These lessons are 1:1, just you and your teacher. This means that the whole course is personalised and tailor-made to suit your needs. 

At the start of your course you will have a detailed needs analysis with your teacher, to establish exactly what you want to achieve and a clear plan of how you will do it.

Some ideas for the lessons might be:

  • Speaking focus: how to express your ideas clearly in speaking.
  • Business development: how to clearly communicate your ideas at work.
  • Following a coursebook: practise all areas and advance to the next level.
  • Grammar focus: using the correct grammar structures at the correct time so that you can confidently express what you want to say.
  • Pronunciation practice: how to understand native speakers better, and how to make them understand you.
  • Listening skills: understand what people say to you so that you can confidently respond.
  • Cambridge exam preparation: Prepare for one of the Cambridge exams with a personalised study plan. 

However it is worth noting that this list is endless and you can discuss all possible options during your initial free call!

Additional Materials

All lessons also include free access to an extensive grammar and vocabulary self-study library, which is accessible through your unique student account on the Pink Flamingo English Online platform. Here you will have access to grammar explanations and exercises, along with advanced vocabulary expressions. 

These are additional materials for you review and work through in your own time, however, if you have any questions about them you can also discuss them during your lessons. 

When you are familiar with more advanced vocabulary and grammar you automatically feel more confident communicating in English, which has a big impact on your fluency.

Personalised Study Lists

After each lesson you will receive a personalised list of new vocabulary and problem grammar areas from the lesson for you to keep and it will be reviewed at the start of your next lesson. 

This is a great way to keep track of those areas you need to work on. 


For Individual Lessons

General English Lesson 

60 minutes


Cambridge Exam Preparation Classes

60 minutes


Taster Lesson

30 minutes

If you want a trial lesson to meet your teacher, discuss your needs or create a study plan, this is the perfect option.  


Lesson Features

Native English Speaking Teacher

Your teacher speaks British English as their first language, holds a teaching qualification and has been teaching English since 2012, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest standard of teaching.

This personalised contact with real English is key to improving your confidence and fluency.

Virtual Classroom

All classes are held in a fully interactive virtual classroom on the Pink Flamingo English Online platform, which is accessible through your unique student account.

From your student account you can also:

  • View your class timetable.
  • Access the self- study materials.
  • Submit homework.
  • Contact your teacher directly.
  • View your personalised vocabulary lists and lesson materials.
  • Enter the virtual classroom for your lessons.

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