Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Amy! It's great to meet you.

My vision for Pink Flamingo English Online is a place where intermediate level and above English learners can become better communicators and reach fluency in English. It is a place where regular support is available, and motivation is encouraged.

I have created specialised classes and courses with the aim to give you practical advice and actionable steps to reach English fluency, just by making some small, manageable changes to your learning. 

All of my coaching and lessons are casual and relaxed, but with an absolute focus on your needs and requirements. 

About Me

My nationality is British. I was born in The Midlands but later moved to the north of England, where I completed my education. My teaching career started in 2012 after completing my CELTA at the British Council in Kraków, Poland. I spent the following seven years living in various locations in Poland whilst working for well-known schools, across all levels. I have experience with a vast number of students raging from age three to adult, both in school and online. Over the ten years that I have been teaching, I have worked with groups of between three and twenty students, and also individually with students on a one-to-one basis. 

My preference is working individually with students, as I like the personal approach to learning that this enables. However, I can definitely see the advantage of working with small groups as well because I love to see students interacting with each other and sharing experiences. This is why I now specialise in both individual and small group classes.  

All English learners have special qualities, but I especially like working with those that are intermediate level or above. Quite often, students at this level feel stuck, like they are not making as much progress as before, and I like to help them overcome this. With the right approach, a higher level student can become a confident and expressive communicator in English, whilst removing any speaking barriers that have formed over time.

I especially enjoy the complex discussion topics that often come up during lessons, and the opportunity to hear a variety of different opinions, from different cultural perspectives. It is always great to be a part of helping students express these opinions clearly and confidently in English. 

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