A Student Review

Here is why the Advanced Vocabulary And Coaching Workshop is just what you need:

  "The "Advanced vocabulary and coaching" ebook is a perfect tool to learn new idioms and phrases easily. Tips and theory about learning new vocabulary are an interesting introduction into the learning process and provide a handful of information on how to learn new words efficiently. 

I really like the various types of exercises presented in the book. What is really important from my perspective is that the exercises help focus on each new word and its usage in full sentences, not only on their basic meaning. 

I love the idea of putting emphasis on using words in various sentences and questions as then it makes it easy for me to use them in conversation more naturally. 

I am sure I will use methods and information from the book also in the future when creating my own word lists.  

Additionally, the plan at the very end is a great way to stay motivated and learn English on a regular basis. 

Plus, despite the correct answers provided at the end of the book I found it extra useful to discuss during the lesson with Amy some of the exercises and usage of given words!" - Ania, Poland

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