Tips To Practise Pronunciation


A lot of language learners are self-conscious about their accent when there is really no need to be. You should be proud of your accent because it shows that you speak more than one language.

That said, it is important not to make pronunciation mistakes that may cause misunderstanding. These types of mistakes could have a negative impact on your fluency because not only could it cause others to misunderstand you, but also impact your confidence when speaking. 

So how can you improve your pronunciation so as to ensure these misunderstandings don't happen?

  • Watch EnglishTV with English subtitles. This helps to first identify the correct pronunciation.
  • Research common pronunciation mistakes for speakers of your native language, and focus on practicing those sounds.
  • Try some English tongue twisters.
  • Use a mirror to watch how your mouth moves (and practise how it should move) with certain sounds.  
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