The Importance Of Vocabulary In English Fluency 


Native and proficient English speakers naturally use a wide range of vocabulary, and this is often why some English learners have difficulty in understanding. 

So, broadening your vocabulary is essential if you want to feel more confident and communicate more fluently.  

Here are just a few benefits you will notice for having a richer vocabulary base:

  • The ability to understand people better,

  • Feeling more confident to speak about a range of topics,

  • Being able to watch and understand English films and TV,

Just to mention a few!

But what vocabulary should you learn exactly?

Now this will obviously vary quite a lot depending on your existing knowledge, why you are learning and what your interests are, but as a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to learn from as many different areas as possible. This way, you will be prepared to talk about a variety of different topics, giving you confidence in more situations. 

Another good area of vocabulary to learn is phrasal verbs and idioms. Both of these are commonly used by advanced English speakers, and they can be particularly challenging to understand when you have not encountered them before. Plus, they are both notoriously challenging to learn, so any extra practice will always be beneficial!

Something else to learn from could be informal dialogues and natural conversation. These are particularly good for learning informal language, small talk and every day conversation. This is definitely an area that is overlooked when studying English, yet arguably, is one of the most important. 

What is the best way to learn this vocabulary?

The most important aspect of learning new vocabulary is that you do it in a complete way. This means that the end is result is not only that you understand the meaning of the word, but that you are also confident enough to use it. It usually takes 10 separate encounters with a word or expression before you really remember it, so it is important that all new vocabulary is learnt through repetition and relatable examples. 

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